Sunday, April 1, 2012

Being Grandparents is the BEST!

Being a Grandma has been such an awesome experience. I often wondered how a Grandmother's heart felt. Do you have that instant love, does your heart expand with each grandchild, how does it all feel? Just like you had thoughts and worries of having your own children, I have learned it is the same with this stage ... only it is BETTER. You do NOT have the responsibilities of parenthood... you just get to have FUN. They have truly been a joy to me.

Callie and Kenlee came for a visit in March. I was so worried Kenlee would not know us at all... and realistically she didn't remember us but after a few days, she warmed right up to us. Larry and I had a lot of fun with her... can't you tell? We built things, she tore them down.. it was great teamwork!

Tavius Ryan (May 16, 2012) and Kenlee Kay (May 25, 2012)

Our TWO grandchildren:

Tavius (Jadon/Amanda) lives in Queen Creek, and Kenlee (Randon/Callie) lives near Sandusky, OHIO!!

We LOVE these little Grandchildren SO MUCH!!

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