Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Missionary Son

Some Missionary pics of my Boy!

Goodies sent to him in the Provo MTC.
Sportin' the 'stache!

Elder Perkins(comp) and Elder Walters
BEST Volleyball Player Award ...

This volleyball is passed on from the best... to the best. They get to sign their name and put where they are serving their mission. Tylon's name in down in history on the ball.

Beautiful Madrid Spain Temple & Elder Walters

Euros! How Crazy!!!

My Lil Spanish Flag
Sightseeing in Madrid, Spain

Streets of Madrid (they stood out)... Royal Palace in Madrid

Sexy statue in Madrid... ......... City of Madrid

Catholic Church
First baptism in the field...

Elder Lopez (comp), Angelo and Elder Walters

After a LONG day of Missionary Work...

sweaty and a worn hole in the sock!!!

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