Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I was truly spoiled on Mother's Day. It was an awesome day filled with family, love, laughter, food and gifts. I did miss my missionary call because he was in the MTC and too many missionaries there with so few phones that none of the missionaries get to call from the MTC.
Krissa and Tylon did make plans in having a gift there for me to open from Tylon.
After opening the gift.
The gift was a build-a-bear that Tylon made, dressed as a missionary. In his paw you push a button that says "Hey Mommy! Goodnight. Sweet dreams and Have a good day tomorrow. I love you and I miss you alot! Smak! (kiss) What an awesome gift made possible with the help from Krissa!
Tylon would come into our room every night and visit with his dad and me. Then, he would come and give me a kiss on the cheek and say Goodnight, I love you, have a good day tomorrow.
Now I can hear that every night he is gone (hopefully it will last 2 years!)

2 remarks:

Krissa said...

you definitely deserve to be spoiled!!!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh geez....that made me cry! What an awesome gift! Brought back memories of being a missionary mom. The best of times....the worst of times....