Sunday, December 12, 2010


He got his mission call!!! This was the picture he sent Krissa on his cell phone. The picture says it all... is he excited or what?

He opened it up Friday night so friends and family could be there. Ty and I almost opened it up earlier... for a bonding moment... but we resisted and waited for everyone else.

He was called to the Spain Madrid Mission and leaves for Utah MTC on April 27th. He will stay there for 3 weeks and then go to the MTC in Spain. We are so happy and proud of him. It is going to be SO hard when he is gone but I know it will be worth the sacrifice for him serving the Lord.

Quiet moments for a mom that will miss her baby boy extremely!! Spain is a really far ways away!

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Tylon Garrett said...

I am way excited!!! Just if you didn't know by the picture :) haha. We resisted?? You resisted! I was still trying to get you to open it with me :) haha. I am so excited for the chance to serve in Madrid, Spain. I know that's where the Lord needs me. I'm not only carrying the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over my heart but also the name of my family. I hope to bring honor and only do good with the Walters name. I'm proud to be valiant servant and to be able to represent all the years you have taught me as I will put them to use. I am even more proud to be your son. I love you mom and will miss you tremendously. It will be hard the but the Lord will look out for both of us. I think Heavenly Father especially takes care of the Momma's Boys :) Haha. Thanks for everything mom.