Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

Girls Camp Theme 2010: CIA
Courage In Action

The morning of Girls Camp.

This year of Girls Camp I was asked to do Capers. My first thought wasn't to excited... "how fun is it to make sure the girls do their camp chores?" My assistant was Bonny Solheim and Stacey Farr. Bonny was not able to go to camp do to work, so it was Stacey and me up at Girls Camp.

Can I say... WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER!! This was my favorite and best year
We had the "Golden Plunger Award" and along with it came the Hershey Golden Nuggets with Almonds (and if the girls need to be properly taught in Chocolate eating, I taught and certified them.)
The Girls all worked very hard to win the award... even going as far as washing baseboards in the bathrooms. Stacey and I were known as the "Golden Girls". I was so amazed at the great attitude and hard work the girls put into their chores up at camp.
Skit night consisted of a rap about the word of wisdom. My part was to not "overindulge". I had chocolate all over my face as I was licking my fingers. I look like the joker with the chocolate on my face.
I EAT my words... Capers are AWESOME! Thank you so much to may assistants: Bonny and Stacey, they made it so much fun and easier for me! CAPERS ROCK!

2 remarks:

Krissa said...

you guys really did make capers fun and enjoyable...where were you when i was going and had to do capers...

i loved having you there....i dont think i would of survived without you...

and dont you miss being on the top bunk...woot woot!

Bonnie said...

Girls Camp is always soo much fun!! Glad you had a great time as the Capers Ladies!!