Sunday, May 16, 2010

Farewell to Larry

Larry's last day of work with 'Sales and Fulfillment' area at Bank of America was on April 27th. He was taken to lunch by the other managers. That evening a couple of his associates (people who were on Larry's Team) asked to take him to dinner that night. On the way, making his final exit, all the people in the areas stood and applauded him as he passed by. His manager said that she has never seen anyone get a standing ovation as that. He met up with the 2 associates and was directed to a room where a total of 17 current and past associates (those who were and had been at one time on Larry's team) were there.

They had dinner and then one by one they stood before him and told him of what an awesome manager he was and how he had impacted there life. There were lots of tears and hugs at this final goodbye.

Larry is truly an amazing person who cares about everyone he works with and takes care of all those that are under his direction. They will truly miss a wonderful man/manager/ employee in that area.
On to brighter things: Larry did get another manager job (lateral move) that he started on May 3rd. This was truly a blessing. He wasn't out a day of work to the switch over. He is now currently working in the CIP area (Customer Identity Protection) at Bank of America.
Thank you to your prayers and thoughtfulness.

2 remarks:

Krissa said...

Dad rocks!!! You can tell how much his associates loved him...anytime i would visit thats all i would hear... haha!

Austin and Whitney Cooley said...

That's awesome... It's always nice to work somewhere where they appreciate you.