Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Asking and Answering to Prom

Tylon asked Kaylee by sending my friend (Sheryl, who works as part of the forensic unit for the police department) over to her house to tell her that her vehicle was used in a theft/robbery. Sheryl questioned her about where she was on such n' such date, etc. Kaylee was scared to death thinking... "Oh my gosh, I'm a criminal!" Sheryl left by giving her an envelope with detailed instructions.
Inside the envelope was a poem that said: "A theft of my heart is what I claim, and it's you whom I certainly blame. Although you know I love my Mom, it's you who I want to take to Prom. So, assemble the pieces a mugshot you'll view, of the guy who is sincerely asking you." Inside was a puzzle of mugshots of Tylon.

Kaylee answered by this ransom note that said:
"There has been a robbery. I've stolen your blanket. If you ever want to see it again, follow my demands exactly!" (This was Tylon's blanket that Kaylee made him for his birthday, that got stolen.)
Tylon was sent clue to clue to do various tasks. One of the tasks required him to dress up as the the Burger King and go to Burger King and ask for the next clue. This is him getting his next clue.

The last clue said, "The chase is over, the race is done. Now's the time to plan some fun. There's no need to hesitate, Prom with you will be just GREAT! YES!"
He did get his blankie returned to him, washed even!

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SuperRunkels said...

Awww! That it freakin' adorable! Everything! I wish I was that inventive in High School- and I wish that on the men too. LOL