Sunday, May 16, 2010

Awards and Scholarships

Top Twenty Seniors from Skyline High School

Tylon Walters ranked #14 (out of 511 students) with a GPA of 4.053

He received the Arizona State University Provost's Scholarship of $30,000 (paid over 4 years, which is $7,500 per year).

He also got the Linda Bartlett Scholarship. Linda Bartlett was a math teacher that taught at Skyline High school and passed away 2-3 years ago. Tylon was one of six that received her scholarship (undisclosed amount right now, will find out amount later).

Front and Back of the Medallion he received being #14 Ranked student.
Congratulations, Tylon, for all your years of hard work and dedication to your schooling. It has certainly paid off!!

Mother's Day 2010

I had a wonderful Mother's day. I was surrounded by my wonderful kids and husband and was royally spoiled! I got a beautiful 3-rose corsage from my kids.

We went to church and then Shay and Zach came over to spend dinner with me. I got really nice cards and wonderful gifts! Thank you so much, my family, for making me feel loved and special.

Farewell to Larry

Larry's last day of work with 'Sales and Fulfillment' area at Bank of America was on April 27th. He was taken to lunch by the other managers. That evening a couple of his associates (people who were on Larry's Team) asked to take him to dinner that night. On the way, making his final exit, all the people in the areas stood and applauded him as he passed by. His manager said that she has never seen anyone get a standing ovation as that. He met up with the 2 associates and was directed to a room where a total of 17 current and past associates (those who were and had been at one time on Larry's team) were there.

They had dinner and then one by one they stood before him and told him of what an awesome manager he was and how he had impacted there life. There were lots of tears and hugs at this final goodbye.

Larry is truly an amazing person who cares about everyone he works with and takes care of all those that are under his direction. They will truly miss a wonderful man/manager/ employee in that area.
On to brighter things: Larry did get another manager job (lateral move) that he started on May 3rd. This was truly a blessing. He wasn't out a day of work to the switch over. He is now currently working in the CIP area (Customer Identity Protection) at Bank of America.
Thank you to your prayers and thoughtfulness.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thanks for all the Support!!

I saved this as a 'Draft' and then forgot to finish it and send it out... things got really busy with the end of the school year. We really appreciate all of the Love and Support. Thank You!!

Volleyball season is over. Tylon did an awesome job and was co-captan of the team. He had no quams about sacrificing his body to dive for the ball. We enjoyed going and watching him play. Thanks, Ty, for playing and entertaining us! Thank you also to all of those who came and watched to supported him at his games.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Have you heard of Be the Match?
I was first introduced to this while my Mom and I were watching an episode of Extreme Home Makeover.
It’s a National Marrow Donor Program.
It gives you the opportunity to sign up to be a possible donor.
My Mom brought home a flyer about a teacher in her school district.
Kelly Anderson.

Kelly Satter Anderson, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia a little over a month ago. After a 35 day hospital stay and her first round of chemotherapy inclusive of 5 spinal treatments, her leukemia was put into remission. However, even with 4 more rounds of chemotherapy, she only has a 20% chance of survival. A bone marrow transplant will give her a much greater probability of survival (60%), but no family members are a match and there are no matches currently in the national bone marrow registry. She needs a transplant ASAP to survive. (from here)

So this Saturday there is a location where you can GO sign up to Be the Match.
It’s located on Power and McDowell.
From 2:00 – 6:00 pm
All you do is go fill out the registration and they swab the inside of your cheek.
And your done!
I encourage you if you live in the area to go sign up and register.
And if you don’t live in the area you can register online and they send you a kit in the mail.
{and if you use the promo code "Kelly" you wont have to pay for the kit}

You are more than welcome to repost this information. Spread the word!

Mo-Pro and Prom


Tylon and Kaylee Hulsey went to 'Mo-Pro' which is Mormon Prom on April 24th, 2010. It involved several stakes held in Queen Creek. This was to be in place of school prom (but they went to both). They had a lot of fun!

Handsome Tylon in Tux and Princess Kaylee in beautiful dress.

They are sharing a Dairy Queen Blizzard at our house. And... because of the gentleman in him... Tylon gave Kaylee a "piggy-back" ride so she wouldn't get the bottom of her dress dirty.

Skyline High School Prom was May 1st, 2010. Kaylee and Tylon went with 2 other couples and danced their feet off.

Tylon and beautiful wristlet, then the cute couple! Kaylee's dress is so beautiful and she is beautiful in it. They look awesome.

Goofing off. Crazy, crazy kids!

The Asking and Answering to Prom

Tylon asked Kaylee by sending my friend (Sheryl, who works as part of the forensic unit for the police department) over to her house to tell her that her vehicle was used in a theft/robbery. Sheryl questioned her about where she was on such n' such date, etc. Kaylee was scared to death thinking... "Oh my gosh, I'm a criminal!" Sheryl left by giving her an envelope with detailed instructions.
Inside the envelope was a poem that said: "A theft of my heart is what I claim, and it's you whom I certainly blame. Although you know I love my Mom, it's you who I want to take to Prom. So, assemble the pieces a mugshot you'll view, of the guy who is sincerely asking you." Inside was a puzzle of mugshots of Tylon.

Kaylee answered by this ransom note that said:
"There has been a robbery. I've stolen your blanket. If you ever want to see it again, follow my demands exactly!" (This was Tylon's blanket that Kaylee made him for his birthday, that got stolen.)
Tylon was sent clue to clue to do various tasks. One of the tasks required him to dress up as the the Burger King and go to Burger King and ask for the next clue. This is him getting his next clue.

The last clue said, "The chase is over, the race is done. Now's the time to plan some fun. There's no need to hesitate, Prom with you will be just GREAT! YES!"
He did get his blankie returned to him, washed even!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day, to my Mom and to all the women out there that have helped the children in the world in one way or another. Thank you to all those that have touched the hearts of my children in love and service.

Me and my Mom

Krissa, Me, and my Mom