Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Man on Campus

Skyline High School had their annual "Big Man on Campus" competition. Nominees were made by the students at Skyline. The top 36 were then chosen to compete in the "Big Man on Campus" competition. They were also asked to be photographed for the 'Big Man on Campus' 2010 calendar. Each nominee was given a month that he would be photographed for. They were then asked to bring props or attire for that month. Tylon was given the month of February (the BEST month). Calendars were published and sold to parents and students.

On January 14th was the "Big Man on Campus" competition which included: Formal wear, Swimsuit wear and a talent. Two teachers and a former student were the judges for each of the catagories. Tylon did a dance/skit with two of his buddies for the talent part (Tylon is the Mustard).

Out of the 36, 6 were chosen as Finalist. Tylon was one of the Finalists. Each finalist had to answer two questions (they were the same questions for each finalist). Then, by their answers the winner was chosen.

It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! He did a GREAT job!