Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

We had a blast!!!
Saturday night, we (my Mom -Audrey Burklund), Krissa and Callie (daughter in law) all went with my friend Sheryl and her daughters & Friend to the Hale Theatre to see one of my FAVORITE musicals... SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS. It was AWESOME!!
The poor lady that played Millie (lead lady) broke her foot on the opening night and has continued playing in the performance nightly since then. She did an excellent job and you couldn't even tell she had a broken foot!

(Krissa, Millie (leading lady), Callie, Adam (leading man), Me!
First we start the night off by meeting at Mi Amigos for dinner, then we head to the play that started at 7:30pm.
After the play, my mom, Krissa, Callie and myself went for dessert at Applebees... the Maple Butter Blonde was salivating on our tongue. Bummer to find out when we got there that the sauce did not come in on the shipment... but... they gave it to us with carmel and hot fudge toppings and for FREE!!! (Thanks to Applebees manager, Scott Michaels) We also split a Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. By the end of the night... we were on sugar overload! We had a GREAT time together with GREAT memories!
Me and my Mama!! Merry Christmas, Ma-ma!!

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Krissa said...

so so fun! my favorite musical! i loved it...i would love to go again!