Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Homecoming Date!

Tylon was asked to Red Mountain's Homecoming Dance by a girl in our ward, Meagan. She asked him by making a pizza and having her cousin deliver it. It said: "I know this is cheezy... But... Go with me? HC (Homecoming). Her cousin even dressed up as a pizza delivery guy and all. It was cute. (Tylon is laughing so hard because the pizza a l m o s t slid out of the box and onto the floor!)

Tylon answered back with a DiGiorno's Pizza, which says... "It's not Delivery, its NOT DiGiornos... its De Answer! From De Tylon." Jadon dressed up as a pizza delivery guy and delivered it to her door.
Jadon at the doorstep doing the delivery.
Red Mountain Homecoming is October 24th... Homecoming pictures to come soon.

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