Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ironwood Ridge Game in Tucson

Game #2... we are off to Tucson - Dad, Zach, Krissa and myself.

Here is Dad and Zach.... in the back seat.

Here is Krissa and I. Krissa is driving.

The weather was beautiful. We were worried about rain/lightening stopping the game but it went around us. The sky was beautiful!

The game... well, we had it in the bag the first half ending at half time with a 14-0 lead. Ironwood Ridge decided to show up in the second half of the game with secret weapon #22 on their team. They took the lead from us in the 4th quarter ending the game in a 35-28 (our loss).

Ending with an "I love you, Mom" picture!
(Notice hand signal on jersey)

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Krissa said...

UGH! That was a frustrating game...really nice weather though...haha