Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor day weekend started off with Randon and Callie surprising us and coming in Thursday night. They stayed with us for the weekend.

Friday we played (I got off work early) and the girls made 'Gyoza Rolls' (Dad fried them). They were AWESOME tasting! A LOT of work though. Friday night we drove to Tucson to watch Tylon play football. The weather was beautiful. The game turned out to be frustrating (although Tylon did an Awesome job!).
Saturday went to gym and then Randon and Callie had a wedding & reception to go to.
Sunday after Church and dinner, Callie and I played making cards while the others connected the TVs, made teams and played Halo. I had a blast making cards and being creative with Callie. It was fun! Callie and I made a combined 35 cards!

My cards.

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