Friday, July 24, 2009

Tucson Weekend

We had a BLAST!!! We were planning on going down on Friday (7/17) but Krissa was "sick" on Thursday (cough, cough) and so at the last minute we decided to go down on Thursday (7/16). We had a great time. We played Spades (Randon and I on the same team... winning most of the games), we went swimming (I am just too old to keep having water rush up my nose and my ears plugging), we made cards (Callie and I love to make cards), we made good food (club pizza, chili, fruit salad... yum), we had Smoothies, we had brownies (Yum... love brownies with mini chocolate chips in them), then we got our hair done by Callie's friend, Sabra. Sabra did an awesome job on coloring my hair... I LOVE it!! This is a picture of all of us after hair and make up was done. We are gorgeous!! Thanks again, Sabra, for your time and talent!!

We also enjoyed monsoon storms (with getting rain 2 of the 3 nights we were there). We went to church with them on Sunday and Callie sang a BEAUTIFUL song. She did an awesome job! What a talent! We just really, really had a lot of fun. It is always so fun to go to their place and visit. Thank you for letting us come and stay with you.

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Krissa said... win most of the time??? I think thats fibbing!

I had a GREAT weekend!!!