Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunglasses Le Invisible

Do you have days where everything seems to be going wrong and you feel like satan is just trying to make you CUSS? As the day progresses, more things are happening and you are becoming quite GRUMPY. Then, when you are just DONE and are SUPER GRUMPY and you don't want to put up with ANYTHING... wouldn't it be nice to just disappear and not have to deal with anything or anyone? That is where I thought up the Sunglasses Le Invisible... when wearing these (or any) sunglasses you disappear and no one or nothing can see you or bother you.... everyone and everything just leaves you alone and you can just get a break from LIFE.

I picture these sunglasses on days like those and wish I had them AND that they worked like that.

2 remarks:

Krissa said...

HaHa...Let me know when you find a pair. I want some...that would be awesome!!!

Kylee said...

Those are totally in Big Daddy!!!!