Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Month of JUNE!!!

I am a horrible blogger.

I have these BIG ideas that come in my head and I try and find what I want to carry them out and in the meantime, time passes by and I end up not finding what I want. SO.... I am just going to Blog here about the past month of June. June is OUR birthday month!
June 6th... Happy Birthday, Larry!!
For his birthday, the kids all put in money to get his A/C fixed in his car. Now, he drives back and forth to work in Phoenix with cool air. He is very grateful for that! I love you, Lar, and am so glad you came into this world so you could be with me. You make me so happy!
Surprise Party - Larry's team at work gave him a "Surprise Princess Birthday Party". His desk was decorated like a castle and he was decked out with a tiara and pink boa. The kids and I surprised him at the surprise luncheon.

June 7th - Girls Camp
I was invited up to Girls Camp at Camp LoMIA to teach my Chocolate Eating Class. I am known as the 'Chocolate Lady' in the day that I went to camp every year when I was in the Stake YW Presidency. I had Krissa assist me and we had a great time. Many girls and leaders certified in my class. There were also some that re-certified... which is necessary every few years.
This is the certificate I gave out with their Hershey's Almond Nugget wrapper stapled down in the corner.
Father's Day - June 21st

(Larry with Randon) (Larry with Krissa)

(Larry with Zach) (Larry with Jadon)
(Larry with Shaylee) (Larry with Tylon)
(Family seeing Tylon for the first time.)
You are a wonderful father. I have always said that I wouldn't have as many kids as we do if it wasn't that Larry was always there to help, whether it was changing diapers, cleaning up barf or decorating for a birthday party. He was there for me all the way. I am grateful for all his sacrifices and words of wisdom for his family. I am grateful to have you as my parental partner!
June 21st-23rd Get Away!
It was great for Larry and I to get away for a few days and leave all the world with it's stress and craziness behind. This was part Larry's Father's Day and part my Birthday gift. We relaxed in the hot tub and had some good talks.
Nope, no pictures this time!
June 23rd - Happy Birthday to ME!

Besides all of the wonderful gifts you see, I got a new oil pan for my van and an oil change (the old one was dented and we couldn't get the oil changed).

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Krissa said...

Wow...June seems crazy busy...I dont blame you for not getting to blogging...
Happy Birthday Dad!
Happy Fathers Day!
Happy Birthday Mom!
Now onto July...
hopefully not as busy :)