Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Heaton Ranch June 29-July 2

My good friend, Lianne Merrill, invited me to go with her to her family ranch in Southern Utah.

I had a GREAT time! The scenery was beautiful. The weather was wonderful.
The bulls were... scary! In the morning and evening Lianne and I would go for a walk. There were areas where the cattle roamed free... no fences, just an occassional cattle guard. One evening as we were walking, we came upon some cattle on the road we were walking on. Lianne told me that they will go away from us, the only thing we should worry about is if one was coming towards us then that one was a bull protecting the cows and calves. So, as we followed this group Lianne happened to glance behind us... there behind us was a BIG RED BULL trotting towards us. I immediately went and grabbed a branch (isn't that what bullfighters have is a stick of some kind?) Lianne grabbed some rocks. She threw the rocks at the bull and he went around us. We immediately turned around and headed back to the ranch, checking periodically behind us. The next morning, I went the opposite direction (alone) for my morning walk. I kept an eye out for any thing coming AT me. Then, I noticed him (BIG BLACK BULL) trotting across the open field towards me. I was scared to death. I immediately turned around and started walking back to the ranch. Looking down for rocks, I noticed I was wearing a BRIGHT RED shirt. I started walking a little faster, glancing back to see if HE was still coming towards me. All I could think of was to get past the cattle guard quickly. Such friendly Bulls wanting to greet us. HA!
We rode ATVs and went on many drives. We saw a lot of deer and even a couple of turkeys.

One day we went out sightseeing and went to the Ice Cave

and to Brian's Head (elevation 10,420).

I really had a great time with some fun memories. She has a great extended family too that stayed there (brother/sisters and their families). It was fun to watch them all playing in the ponds and it was nice to just sit around and visit. Thanks so much, Lianne, for taking me with you and sharing your family and the beautiful ranch with me.

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heather said...

How nice to get away for awhile. Bulls make me nervous too. I married a cowboy, you know, so once I had to go with him and his dad and uncle and some other guys to take the bulls over the hill to the cows. We had to round them up and get them in the trailers and then drive them over and then keep them together while we looked for the cows. Lets just say I was about a million miles outside of my comfort zone, I was useless as "help" and I have NO desire to do it again.