Thursday, May 28, 2009

U of A Senior Project Day

On May 5th, Larry, Krissa and I went down to Tucson to University of Arizona's Senior Project Day where Randon displayed his senior project along with 70 other students. Randon was the team leader on this project and put soooo much work into it ALL YEAR LONG. It is amazing how a mind can think and expand like his does. He was given a choice of projects (this one was his second choice) and the team was created. He was chosen as Team Leader. The project was: Measuring Thrust Recovering Valve Performance. They had to design, fabricate and implement the devise to measure aft force generated by a Honeywell Thrust Recovery Outflow Valve (TROV). The TROV is a devise used on a aircraft to regulate internal cabin pressure and provide additional forward thrust by converting outflow of excess pressure into an aft force. GOT THAT??!! It took me a while to understand that and then I have a hard time explaining it.

There were awards presented for senior projects. Due to the type of project, Randon's project would have only qualified for 3 different types of awards out of like 10. They were not expecting even to be nominated for an award, due to 70 teams. There were different pods of judges that went around to listen to the 8 minute presentations and to judge them. Randon and another team member were the ones doing the presentation and you had to be prepared at a moments notice to give the presentation... even while trying to get some lunch in. You drop that burger, swallow that bite and perform. He did an EXCELLENT job. They ended up being nominated for 2 of the 3 awards! They didn't win (judges made a mistake there, that's for sure) but being nominated is a HUGE thing!
I am so proud of him and stand in awe of his expandable brain! Here are pictures from the day. Callie's parents came down too and we ended the day with a nice dinner at Chili's with everyone.


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