Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Sad Day in May

May 19th, 2009, Krissa, Amanda (Krissa's friend) and I were on our way to the Seminary & Institute Graduation when disaster hit. Tylon was singing with a group (5 girls, 5 guys) and Krissa was receiving her Institute Graduation Certificate. On our way a car turned left in front of us and we t-boned it. Krissa's beautiful 2007 Toyota Corolla was totalled. Everyone was not seriously injured except for some bruises (which are still healing). The lady was on her cell phone and distracted. Krissa's first thought was to call the police but luckily for us a cop was sitting at that same light in the opposite direction and saw the whole thing. The lady was cited for "failure to yield". It was a traumatic experience. I have never been in a car watching and knowing that you are going to hit another car. I have never had the experience of airbags going off (mine with my lipstick smeared across it). It was really an experience. I felt sooo bad for Krissa and her baby (her car, Phoebe). The good thing was they both had the same insurance so the claim, etc could be processed fast. Needless to say, we did NOT make it to the graduation.

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Krissa said...

Oh man...what a sad sad day! I am now scared of going straight through a light when people are wanting to turn left...UGH! hopefully in time that will change. So nice to have that first together :)