Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2009. Mother's day brings such mixed emotions to me. It brings back thoughts of how I wish I was a better Mother, how I wish I did some things differently. It brings back joys of fun things done together and accomplishments my kids have achieved. I had a great Mother's day and truly enjoy all of my kids together (although Randon & Callie were in Tucson we had just spent some time with them at the Senior Project). It was a great day and I got some awesome stuff. I truly have wonderful kids. They turned out GREAT, inspite of my parenting!! :)


3 remarks:

Krissa said...

I am glad you had a good Mothers Day! You definitely deserve it. I wish you could see what we see...someday. You are a great mom!
Love ya tons!!!!

Kylee said...

Whatever, you are an amazing mother! I've learned so much from you in just the short time I've known you and look up to you in so many ways... Happy late Mother's Day! Love Ya!

Bonnie said...

Beckie I found your blog through Krissas blog YAY!!
You are a wonderful mom!! You have great kids and a wonderful family.