Thursday, May 28, 2009

Isn't She Lovely!

New member of the family...Fiona (through Krissa).
Krissa's brand NEW 2009 Toyota Corolla. She just got her last night and got an EXCELLENT deal!! She was truly blessed!
Isn't she lovely?


A Sad Day in May

May 19th, 2009, Krissa, Amanda (Krissa's friend) and I were on our way to the Seminary & Institute Graduation when disaster hit. Tylon was singing with a group (5 girls, 5 guys) and Krissa was receiving her Institute Graduation Certificate. On our way a car turned left in front of us and we t-boned it. Krissa's beautiful 2007 Toyota Corolla was totalled. Everyone was not seriously injured except for some bruises (which are still healing). The lady was on her cell phone and distracted. Krissa's first thought was to call the police but luckily for us a cop was sitting at that same light in the opposite direction and saw the whole thing. The lady was cited for "failure to yield". It was a traumatic experience. I have never been in a car watching and knowing that you are going to hit another car. I have never had the experience of airbags going off (mine with my lipstick smeared across it). It was really an experience. I felt sooo bad for Krissa and her baby (her car, Phoebe). The good thing was they both had the same insurance so the claim, etc could be processed fast. Needless to say, we did NOT make it to the graduation.

Three Year Anniversary

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Randon and Callie. We are SO happy to have Callie in our family. We love spending time with them. They are SO made for each other and are such a compliment to each other. I love seeing how happy my son is with his wife, and I love hearing how wonderful a husband he is. These are the joys of parenting to see their joy with each other.

Happy Anniversary! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2009. Mother's day brings such mixed emotions to me. It brings back thoughts of how I wish I was a better Mother, how I wish I did some things differently. It brings back joys of fun things done together and accomplishments my kids have achieved. I had a great Mother's day and truly enjoy all of my kids together (although Randon & Callie were in Tucson we had just spent some time with them at the Senior Project). It was a great day and I got some awesome stuff. I truly have wonderful kids. They turned out GREAT, inspite of my parenting!! :)


U of A Senior Project Day

On May 5th, Larry, Krissa and I went down to Tucson to University of Arizona's Senior Project Day where Randon displayed his senior project along with 70 other students. Randon was the team leader on this project and put soooo much work into it ALL YEAR LONG. It is amazing how a mind can think and expand like his does. He was given a choice of projects (this one was his second choice) and the team was created. He was chosen as Team Leader. The project was: Measuring Thrust Recovering Valve Performance. They had to design, fabricate and implement the devise to measure aft force generated by a Honeywell Thrust Recovery Outflow Valve (TROV). The TROV is a devise used on a aircraft to regulate internal cabin pressure and provide additional forward thrust by converting outflow of excess pressure into an aft force. GOT THAT??!! It took me a while to understand that and then I have a hard time explaining it.

There were awards presented for senior projects. Due to the type of project, Randon's project would have only qualified for 3 different types of awards out of like 10. They were not expecting even to be nominated for an award, due to 70 teams. There were different pods of judges that went around to listen to the 8 minute presentations and to judge them. Randon and another team member were the ones doing the presentation and you had to be prepared at a moments notice to give the presentation... even while trying to get some lunch in. You drop that burger, swallow that bite and perform. He did an EXCELLENT job. They ended up being nominated for 2 of the 3 awards! They didn't win (judges made a mistake there, that's for sure) but being nominated is a HUGE thing!
I am so proud of him and stand in awe of his expandable brain! Here are pictures from the day. Callie's parents came down too and we ended the day with a nice dinner at Chili's with everyone.


Monday, May 11, 2009


We just got word that we are officially not doing Havasupai.
We are so bummed about this.
It sounds like they do not want people down there because of the swine flu going around and they do not want that to be passed onto the people of the village.
So I guess we are looking forward to next year.
And we are not doing that mountain anymore. (At least for awhile!)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beautiful Oregon!

I had a fabulous time in Oregon. Krissa flew me out Friday, April 24th. I met up with her there as she and her friend, Chelsea, did a road trip up the coast up to Oregon. We had a fabulous time. Friday night we visited with my friend, Linda Knight, who I came to see.

On Saturday, we went to the coast/beach. We started off eating breakfast at Camp 18... wonderful food and place.
Then, we went to Seaside beach, saw the beach and shopped at the little stores there. We had a blast. We came across this Hat Shop that was awesome and we tried on numerous hats. Then, we went to Cannon Beach where it has Haystack Rock. It was beautiful and cold! We ate at Mo's again (great seafood!) and headed back stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We got there just 5 minutes before it closed, but enough time to get one of their wonderful ice cream cones. It was awesome!

On Sunday, we went out and enjoyed God's beautiful creations... waterfalls. We went and hiked Multnomah Falls, just north of Portland. It was beautiful! All of that GREEN... the trees, fern, everything was so beautiful it energized me. It was a 5.4 mile hike and we saw numerous beautiful waterfalls. I LOVED IT!!

As I was walking to the car to change my clothes for Krissa to take me to the airport, there was a group of Japanese tourist getting a picture in front of the waterfall. I courteously waited till they were done then I stepped off the curb, twisted my ankle, and did a tuck and roll right in front of them. I should have just gotten up and did the whole "tah dah" thing but I was too embarrassed! Oh well.... It was an awesome trip. It was great to spend time with my friend, Linda, and it was great to spend time with Krissa and Chelsea too.