Saturday, April 18, 2009

Havasupai Meeting

We had our first meeting for our Havasupai trip that we are taking the end of May. At first, it was all so overwhelming. I don't know if I thought it was going to be a retreat with people cooking and pampering me... but I found out different. We will cook our own meals, pitch our own tents, clean up after ourselves and warm our own water for our showers. It is roughing it, baby. We just will have port-a-johns down there. At the end of the meeting, we (my friend Sheryl, Krissa and I) were all psyched ready to go get supplies. The schedule is a bit odd... we will be sleep deprived for a while, but we will hopefully have adrenaline. We will arrive at the hilltop at 12:30am, take a catnap and hit the trail at 6am. Mules will carry our supplies but we will carry water, lunch, snacks and anything else we may need till the mules make it down with our stuff. We will then have to carry our supplies 2 miles to the camping grounds. We will go down on a Friday morning, May 22nd, sight see the waterfalls down there till we hit the trail at 2am Monday, May 25th. We are excited. It will be an ADVENTURE!! It will also be a BIG accomplishment!

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Krissa said...

It will definitely be an adventure...I am excited!!!!!