Thursday, March 26, 2009

Volleyball Season!

Tylon's in his volleyball season. He is doing great! We just had a game Skyline vs Higley (aka cousin vs cousin... Tylon vs Mike Gabriella). It was fun to watch them both play. They both are awesome players.

Higley won :(
For those of you who would like to support Tylon in his volleyball season...
This is his schedule. Games start at 5:15pm, cost $4 per adult:
March 31st Game @ Dobson
April 2nd Game @ Red Mountain
April 7th Mesa @ Skyline
April 8th O'Connor @ Skyline
April 9th Game @ Westwood
April 14th Mountain View @ Skyline
April 16th Dobson @ Skyline
April 21st Red Mountain @ Skyline
April 23rd Game @ Mesa
April 28th Westwood @ Skyline
April 30th Game @ Mountain View

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Krissa said...

He's doing AWESOME!!! Love going to those games!