Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ok... so I have been having a craving for Cheetos lately. At work I noticed that they put bags of chips in our little mailbox things. I got Cool Ranch Doritos... hmmm.... but looking around I was hoping to see someone with Cheetos. I saw that there were Cheetos in some of the mailboxes... so ... not to look obvious, I eyed the mailboxes closest to me so I could make the switch. I noticed the bottom mailbox person had Cheetos... yumm.... so I pretended to drop something on the ground and take her Cheetos bag. I, once again, acted like I dropped something and put my Cool Ranch in her slot. With Cheetos in hand, I glanced around the room to see if I had been discovered.... I don't think I was... so off I was to my office space to munch on my much craved bag of Cheetos. I was really hoping that the lady I stole (traded)them from had not seen that she had Cheetos one moment and Cool Ranch the next.

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Krissa said...

Haha...when you told me this I literally laughed out loud at funny! I can totally see you doing this and looking around to make sure no one saw...haha....I think I know where I learned some of my mad tactics from ;)
Love ya!