Thursday, March 26, 2009

Volleyball Season!

Tylon's in his volleyball season. He is doing great! We just had a game Skyline vs Higley (aka cousin vs cousin... Tylon vs Mike Gabriella). It was fun to watch them both play. They both are awesome players.

Higley won :(
For those of you who would like to support Tylon in his volleyball season...
This is his schedule. Games start at 5:15pm, cost $4 per adult:
March 31st Game @ Dobson
April 2nd Game @ Red Mountain
April 7th Mesa @ Skyline
April 8th O'Connor @ Skyline
April 9th Game @ Westwood
April 14th Mountain View @ Skyline
April 16th Dobson @ Skyline
April 21st Red Mountain @ Skyline
April 23rd Game @ Mesa
April 28th Westwood @ Skyline
April 30th Game @ Mountain View

Scuba Diver Zach!

Zach just started taking Scuba diving lessons and loves it. He is planning lots of scuba diving trips in the future. Here he is in his gear.

Tylon's 17th Birthday

We had great fun on Tylon's birthday.

First Krissa, Tylon, Zach and I climbed Brown/Ellsworth mountain.
It was a warm day to do that so afterwards Tylon and Zach (along with Zach's new scuba gear) went swimming.
Tylon got lots of fun gifts. A ukulele from Krissa and a Joseph Smith ring from Zach & Shay.
We watched Australia and ate his birthday treat Brownie Sundaes. Then, Krissa, Tylon and I went to Walmart to get Twilight movie. We stayed up and watched it along with Larry. It was a great time spent together.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Baby is turning 17!

Where did the time go?

Tomorrow, March 20th, my baby, Tylon, will be 17 years old. I remember long ago I would think... ok... when I am "this age" my kids will be "this age"... all the kids down the line. I thought how weird it would be with them getting all older... at times it was really hard to imagine. Now, my kids are older and my baby is turning 17 tomorrow. Wow... time flies!
Here is my baby, Tylon.

The King and I

My friend, Sheryl, gave me 3 tickets to see the King and I at the Hale Centre Theater for Christmas. I was so excited. I invited Krissa and Shay to go (but Shay had other plans) so I invited my Mom. We were to meet up with Sheryl and her company at a restaurant (Mi Amigos) for dinner and then we would all go over to the show. At the last moment Callie and Randon came into town and finding out we were going to the King and I, Callie was able to get a ticket at the last minute and attend with us. We had a total BLAST!! It was soooo fun! The company was great. The production was great. It was all GREAT! Here are a few pictures from our fun evening.

My Mom and Me

Our Party Group

Me and the Girls

The King and I cast. They did an AWESOME job!


Ok... so I have been having a craving for Cheetos lately. At work I noticed that they put bags of chips in our little mailbox things. I got Cool Ranch Doritos... hmmm.... but looking around I was hoping to see someone with Cheetos. I saw that there were Cheetos in some of the mailboxes... so ... not to look obvious, I eyed the mailboxes closest to me so I could make the switch. I noticed the bottom mailbox person had Cheetos... yumm.... so I pretended to drop something on the ground and take her Cheetos bag. I, once again, acted like I dropped something and put my Cool Ranch in her slot. With Cheetos in hand, I glanced around the room to see if I had been discovered.... I don't think I was... so off I was to my office space to munch on my much craved bag of Cheetos. I was really hoping that the lady I stole (traded)them from had not seen that she had Cheetos one moment and Cool Ranch the next.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photo Shoot

My wonderful niece, Jessica Bright, did a photo shoot of Krissa, Chelsea (Krissa's friend) and I. She did a wonderful job, even hobbling around with a boot on her sore foot. We had a lot of fun.

Thank you, Jessica, you did an AWESOME job!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Too much Exercise

Krissa and I were driving around today and as we were driving ... I found myself looking at the slope of the road wondering how hard it would be riding a bike on it. We passed mountains (some would call them "hills" if they have never hiked up them) and looked for trails going up them wondering how hard they would be to hike up. You see, I am busting my butt exercising to get the rest of this weight off and Krissa and I have been hiking up "Brown Mountain" (Ellsworth/Brown) and riding our bikes (even up a big hill).
So... to say the least... too much exercise can cause you to look at roads and mountains differently.

Volleyball Season...

... has STARTED... Yippee!!! Tylon is playing Volleyball and Skyline's Varsity Team.

Krissa and I are his #1 fans! Go TYLON!!!

Desert in Bloom

Umm... Ok... I have lived here in Arizona all of my life. I have heard people say how beautiful the desert is and I am like... ummm... it is? I mean, it is rocks, cactus and scrub brush, so.. if you like that... then... I guess it is beautiful. Then.. walking home from work one day (it is a 31/2 mile walk) my eyes were open and I saw such beauty in bloom.

Such beautiful colors... everywhere... up out of the desert.

Happy Flowers!

These flowers make me happy!

THESE flowers make me giddy with laughter!

I look forward to these flowers every year!

My Beautiful Blog

Thanks, Krissa, for creating a beautiful blog for me. Krissa won a free designed header and she had one created for me! THANK YOU! LOVE IT!