Friday, February 20, 2009

Tylon's Eagle Court of Honor

Congratulations, Tylon, on your great accomplishment of getting your Eagle Scout Award. You were diligent in working on your merit badges.
I am proud of you!

Tylon gave me 3 dozen roses at his ceremony (he had to out do Jadon by a dozen. Jadon was my first Eagle Scout to give me roses and he gave me 2 dozen.) It was a nice surprise.

It was really nice to have the whole family together for this. Tylon was supported well by all his family, friends, and leaders that came.

New Year's Eve

I am kind of going out of order in this blog, but want to catch you up on our life.

We had a fun time! The girls did tried out my new exercise video "Zumba". We learned to do lots of latin dances. We had fun AND burnt calories! We had fun food, friends and ... fireworks (that got a little scary!). It definitely was a night to remember . . . and we all survived!
Don't let these dogs fool you, they had a great time too! They are just not wild about the head dress thing!

Happy 25th Anniversary!

Engagement Picture ... Wedding Picture

February 10th, 1984-2009

... then 25 years later Picture.
For our Anniversary we went away to Payson and had a blast! No kids, no job, no bills, NO WORRIES! We stayed 3 nights in a place called Majestic Mountain. It was a very nice room with our own in room hot tub and fireplace. Our kids surprised us with an "Anniversary Basket". Loved it, it was wonderful! It was filled with candy, games, and MONEY!

The morning after we got there, we woke up to a blanket of 4 inches of snow... it was BEAUTIFUL! I had to make a Snow Angel!

Then, the night before we left it snowed 6-8 inches. We were kind of hoping to get snowed in. Once again, we had so much fun and it was all like a fairy tale.

I enjoy so much getting away with Larry, because it is just US. We just enjoy each other and renew our relationship and friendship. I love him so much and am so happy to be married to him. In one of the questions games we played, the questions was asked "in one word, how would you describe your spouse?" My answer "selflessness/unselfish". He spoils me rotten... and I kind of like it. Happy 25th, Honey!