Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ask and Answer to Homecoming

Tylon asked his "friend", Kylee to homecoming. He told us of how he wanted to do it and I was not quite sure about it.... boys! He bought a Potty Chair and put "urine" (apple juice) in it with his name on a card at the bottom. On the roll of toilet paper it says, "I am 'URINE' to go to homecoming with you. Will you go with me?"

She answered back with the same potty chair that said, "Whether I don't or whether I do go to homecoming with you, you will have to look through the 'POO'"(melted chocolate chips). The answer was on little travel size scrabble tiles. After seeing the way she answered him, I see that they are on the same wavelength! They are a match!

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Austin and Whitney Cooley said...

That is really cute and very clever... I miss those days, lol. But then again I don't!