Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poor Football Player

This year is quite a bummer for our football player. In Spring ball (football practice), while doing some blocking he heard a pop in his shoulder and his arm went numb. It hurt pretty bad but I thought it was just normal football pain. Through the summer it continued to hurt and he heard popping, but he really didn't complain much. The beginning of this school year (his Junior year) we decided to just get it checked out. After an MRI and an MRI with contrast we found out he has a "labral tear" and will need surgery which will take him out of football this year but he is hoping to be healed and ready to go for volleyball in the January. He is totally bummed as this year their school has a good chance to go to playoffs. He has been very, very bummed and has even talked to the surgeon about doing it after football... but the best thing is to do it now and not have more scar tissue going on in there before they can do surgery. But, doesn't he look dang cute in his football jersey... he's blowing a kiss to his MOM not a girlfriend!

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heather said...

That is such a bummer! I hope the surgery goes well and that he is all recovered in time for volleyball. :) And, there is next year, right? Or is this his senior year?