Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Wounded Winged Baby!

Tylon had surgery today on his left shoulder. He had a 'labral tear' that the doctor had to repair. He had surgery at 10:30 this morning and has been in "la-la land" ever since. We hope that he will heal fast. He is still bummed about missing this year in football.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Luscious Lips!

Krissa, Shay and Chelsea (friend) went to Target last night and decided to try a product to plump up their lips. She had us all try it and here are the results of mine. Do you notice a change or are they just shiny? Then.... the girls got a "little" crazy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mario Kart

Guess what the new crazy is here at the Walters? Krissa bought Mario Kart and the kids are having a blast playing it!

Poor Football Player

This year is quite a bummer for our football player. In Spring ball (football practice), while doing some blocking he heard a pop in his shoulder and his arm went numb. It hurt pretty bad but I thought it was just normal football pain. Through the summer it continued to hurt and he heard popping, but he really didn't complain much. The beginning of this school year (his Junior year) we decided to just get it checked out. After an MRI and an MRI with contrast we found out he has a "labral tear" and will need surgery which will take him out of football this year but he is hoping to be healed and ready to go for volleyball in the January. He is totally bummed as this year their school has a good chance to go to playoffs. He has been very, very bummed and has even talked to the surgeon about doing it after football... but the best thing is to do it now and not have more scar tissue going on in there before they can do surgery. But, doesn't he look dang cute in his football jersey... he's blowing a kiss to his MOM not a girlfriend!

Larry's Appreciation day at work

When Larry went into work one day last week, he had no clue what was going on. He was greeted with his whole team wearing shirts that said "I (heart) love Larry". They gave him a shirt that said "I (heart) My Team". They got him a cake and then each wrote an appreciation paper as to why they appreciate him. They even decorated his office area. That was really nice. People that were not on his team wanted shirts that said "I love Larry". The team he had before all wanted shirts too. Some of the other managers were getting a little "humph" hearing there team members wanting the shirts. Oh well! Larry is an awesome manager and a very hard worker. It was really awesome that they recognized him that way. I (Becky) was able to bum a shirt off someone for me to have.