Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Becky's trip to Flagstaff

My friend and I decided to have an "Anti-Camp" outing. Our ward was having Girl's Camp and this was the first year that neither one of us was going to go and we were thrilled. We decided to have a fun outing of our own. We decided to go up to Flagstaff and stay the night, then ride the Scenic Skyride the next day (the ski lift at the Snow Bowl). While on the ride up there we saw a BIG BLACK BEAR!!! We were so surprised. It was awesome. We got a little bit of him on video. We asked this guy (Forestry) if it was common to see bears here. He said he has worked 21 years up here and has never seen a bear. A lady (Forestry) said she's been here 8 years and has never seen one. Then she said "and if you tell me you saw one, I will be so jealous!!" We told them that we did just see a HUGE black bear while riding the ski lift up. They were both so jealous! It was a big highlight of the trip and a great moment. These other pictures were at the top of the Ski lift... beautiful scenery.

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ellee said...

you guys are so cute.