Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Premeditated Batter

Sunday Tylon and I were in charge of making dessert. We decided to make a chocolate cake with chocolate chips. While mixing the batter, I thought it would be fun to have a beater-batter fight with Tylon. I planned on getting the first swipe in. I envisioned this so well in my mind that I started to laugh. Tylon wanted to know what I was laughing at, but I didn't want to tell him as I wanted to get him first! I continue to envision it and giggle. Tylon continued to pry me to find out what I was giggling about. Finally, the time came. I calmly mentioned, "hey, lets eat the batter off the beaters... you get one and I get one." Then I mentioned that we should loop our arms around each other like a bride and groom does with their glasses. (This was so that he would come closer to my beater.). Because I had been envisioning this for a little while, I was overzealous when he came in to get his first lick and I bopped him good on the side of his face. He was so shocked by it! (Hence, the frown on his face here.) As you can see he did a good job getting me back. Fun times at the Walters, although I am not sure anyone will help me with dessert again.

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Nana & Papa said...

glad to find this out about you. I will not be helping you in the kitchen at family gathering ever again!!!!!